White House Gets Puppy-Proofed • Another Boy Commits Suicide After Homophobic Bullying

• The Obamas are facing the tough job of puppy-proofing the White House for new dog Bo. Also in presidential-pet news, artist Bob Staake’s book, The First Pup, has yet to find a publisher.

• New research suggests that it may not only be unnecessary to remove ovaries during a hysterectomy, but it could also be dangerous. Doctors found that women who have their ovaries removed face higher risk of death than those who keep their ovaries. • According to the Onion Hillary Clinton has joined the esteemed ranks of celebrity perfumers. Her new fragrance has been described as “steely, bracing, and curt, with notes of patent leather, sandalwood, and wool serge.” • Nicole Marty, 25, was arrested after she crashed her car into a utility pole. Inside the car was her nine-year-old daughter. Click here to see her charming (and kind of classic) mug shot. • A new study has found that the longer women breastfeed, the less likely they are to develop heart attacks or strokes. • In efforts to address the shortage of women in science, scientists have launched the She Is An Astronomer project (SIAA). • Somali women living in Baidoa, Somalia’s third largest city, have been instructed to cover up, or face jail time. The order was issued by Al-Shabaab, the radical Islamist militia that controls the city. • Scientists have discovered a key difference between human birthing and Neanderthal birthing: in Neanderthal childbirth, babies did not need to twist their heads to fit easily through the birth canal, unlike modern human babies. • Want to see a nude painting of Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi? Well, here you go. • Apparently, what type of movie you watch may affect your decision making. Fear – from watching a scary film – leads people to go along with the group, while lust encourages them to strike out alone, according to U.S. researchers. • The great debate over sexting rages on, as lawyers struggle to decide whether or not to charge teens with possession of child pornography over the controversial images. • Ophelia’s Voice has launched a new letter writing project that asks both girls and women to send in letters about their hopes for the future and their reflections on the past. • Sick of twee movies starring Micheal Cera? Then you might just hate this trailer for Paper Heart a new mockumentary starring comedian Charlyne Yi about the true meaning of love. • Daniel Andreas San Diego has become the first animal rights activist to make the FBI’s “Most Wanted Terrorists” list. • Graffiti tagger Danielle Bremner (aka “Utah”) has been sentenced to six months in prison for tagging trains in New York. • A (no shit) study found that breakdancing is a high risk activity. • Tragic: another 11-year-old boy has committed suicide because of homophobic bullying. Jaheem Herrera hanged himself after being relentlessly taunted by boys at school. • Police fear that Melissa Huckaby may have abducted a 7-year-old girl last January, who went missing after being spotted with Huckaby in a park. The girl was later returned to her family, but they found that she had been drugged. •

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