Who Betrayed Mandy Moore?

The star posted a very cryptic Instagram airing out some dirty laundry, and I have some guesses as to who she might be talking about.

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Who Betrayed Mandy Moore?
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I consider Mandy Moore to be one of the more steady celebrities on the scene, as she’s remained relatively scandal free in recent years. Aside from her past marriage to scumbag Ryan Adams, her romantic pairings aren’t scrutinized the way other celebrities’ are. Her social media presence is fairly boring in the way famous people with strong PR management usually are: wholesome photos of her kids, the occasional sponsored post, tame signifiers of socially liberal politics. That was, until…Tuesday.

Screenshot:Mandy Moore Instagram

On Tuesday, Moore posted an Instagram story that was so cryptic, so revenge-coded, I got shivers down my spine. The text read: “At work. Dealing with some upsetting personal betrayal stuff from a new person in my life and trying to parce [sic] through what to learn from it. Don’t trust people? Don’t be too generous? Want to let it go but this was someone who was intimately involved in my life for a short period. Man, some people really let you down. The selfishness and lack of respect and entitlement is WILD.”

The photo is a selfie, and she appears to be pumping breast milk in maybe either a break room or dressing room. Her hair and makeup are done; she looks furious and fabulous, contemplative and enraged. Look at those pursed lips! She is holding in fighting words. And while she’s wondering what to take away from this act of betrayal she’s experienced, I’m left with only one question: WHO HURT HER? OK, and another: Why on Earth did she post about it like this?!

Despite how vague the post is, we are given some clues. I’m a firm believer that, while millennials might not ever own a house and are all afraid of confrontation, we are the best cyber sleuths humankind has ever known. Here is what we know: The person is new to her life; they were intimately acquainted; and they lack respect. At first, I thought it could be someone she’s working with—perhaps a new costar in the second season of Dr. Death or the upcoming series Twin Flames. But surely she knows better than to air dirty work laundry like that on Instagram? Unless she’s getting ahead of some drama that she knows will drop soon? Otherwise, I can’t understand why she’d choose to talk about it like this.

Unfortunately, and it brings me no joy to say this, there is one obvious person who fits the bill. New to her life, close to her, poor people skills? Could it be her brand new baby born in November?! He’s the perfect person to write a shady vague post about. He’ll never read it! He doesn’t even own a phone.

I’ll be watching this story unfold and plan to report from the frontlines (her Instagram stories). May whoever caused Moore’s brow to furrow so intensely eventually have their comeuppance.

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