Who 'Grammed It Best – Martha Stewart or Taylor Swift?


Though their subjects are more famous (not all of us can have Lorde in our squad), celebrity Instagrams are, for better or worse, just like ours. Their posts range from performative to earnest, from screengrabs of texts to perfectly curated spreads of food. Even Beyoncé, whose Instagram account is filled with professional photographs, will occasionally throw in a poorly lit selfie or over-filtered, blurry view from a plane.

But which celebrity, on any given day, is using the platform better than anyone else? Who Grammed It Best? will pit two recent, unrelated celebrity Instagrams against each other in an attempt to figure that out.

Today’s battle:

Taylor Swift v. Martha Stewart

Taylor Swift / @taylorswift

The Gram: Screenshot of a text message conversation with Ed Sheeran that reminds followers that she is both A) friends with Ed Sheeran and B) super successful.

The Pros: VarietyIt’s a screenshot of a text, which is a nice way to break up a feed filled with selfies and cats.

The Cons: Boastfulness post is nothing more than Swift bragging about the fact that she and Ed Sheeran casually text about their success late at night – something we all figured she did anyway.

Martha Stewart / @marthastewart48

The Gram: Photo of Harry Connick Jr., who may or may not know he’s being photographed, backstage at The View

The Pros: Candidness – Martha appears to have decided to take the photo without consulting with Harry. Randomness – Harry isn’t part of Martha’s squad, so he’s a surprising face to see in her feed.

The Cons: The Caption – Everything is misspelled.

When asked for his opinion, Gawker’s Hamilton Nolan said, “I don’t actually understand what’s happening here so I’ll say tie.” But what do you think?

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Images via Instagram.

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