Who Was The Woman Who Got Carried Out Of Lindsay Lohan's Party On A Stretcher?


Wednesday night, V magazine threw a party to launch its latest issue at the Standard hotel in Manhattan’s meatpacking district. Men were asked to wear tuxedoes, ladies were asked to take dress code inspiration from Elizabeth Taylor, and Alexander Wang — whose moves none other than Ryan McGinley has praised — hit the dance floor. Crystal Renn and Courtney Love were there. Then someone had to be carried out bleeding on a stretcher by FDNY medics.

Naturally, events were tweeted. Styleite’s Verena Von Pfetten, who was at the party, writes:

A few minutes later, we’d enjoy a moment of eerie intuitiveness with Brad Goreski who, after telling us that the roof deck of the club had gone from an area of calm respite to high energy dance party, proclaimed, “This party can turn on a dime.” And then a man ran through the crowd with blood dripping from hands.
“She’s bleeding!” someone cried, as the first man grabbed cloth napkins from the bar. Amidst the chaos, we watched Lohan (with her mother Dina) immediately move her group to another part of the bar while staff tended to the blood-covered shoulder of a curly-haired brunette sitting next to their now abandoned table.
“What’s going on?” Courtney Love asked us. And as we told her, her eyes got progressively larger and her jaw dropped progressively lower. “We gotta go,” she announced, grabbing her friend by the arm. “I’m outskies!” she called over her shoulder as she skedaddled to the exit.

Outskies. Courtney Love said “outskies.” I was at a different Fashion Week party nearby when the V shindig came to its early end, and members of the press started filtering in, looking a little dazed. Everyone was talking about a woman who’d been at Lindsay Lohan’s table — or an adjacent table — when she’d suddenly suffered some kind of injury that resulted in a bleeding gash to her arm. Or shoulder; some people said shoulder. Accounts of the cause of her injury were similarly varied. And some people who’d been there, why, they hadn’t even seen it at all. Who was this woman? What was the cause of her injury? Was she okay? Nobody really knew. “There was so much blood,” said a wide-eyed party reporter. It was like Rashomon, only with more tequila. The whole thing was just so weird. Normally, the only wounds caused by fashion parties are psychological.

A PR person who worked on the event declined to comment on the incident. As to how she became injured, reports vary. The Observer wrote that the woman slipped and fell onto a table; the woman, who has not been identified, was nonetheless said by “a source” to be fine. The Post has it as the woman falling from a flight of stairs onto a table of glasses, one of which cut her arm. A “witness” told the tabloid, “There was so much blood spurting, it was like a horror movie. The party was packed and blood was spurting onto people’s clothes. Paramedics were called, but they took more than 20 minutes to get there, and a friend held the girl’s arm to try to stop the bleeding.”

Nameless woman, if you’re out there, how are you? Are you really fine? That sounds like one hell of a night.

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