Why Am I Crying at This Story About Sarah Jessica Parker Buying a French SATC Fan a Cosmopolitan?


I’m not saying mortality-related stress brought on by a recent birthday mixed with a sense of impending doom that hasn’t lifted since November 2016 and a winter that refuses to end has left me emotionally vulnerable to the point that even the tiniest act of kindness makes my eyes well up, but I am saying that when I read this story about Sarah Jessica Parker buying a cosmopolitan for a French tourist, a single tear fell from my left eye, after which I whispered, “What the hell is wrong with me?”

According to a report in Us Weekly, a French tourist was sitting alone in a New York City restaurant drinking a cosmo specifically, he told the bartender, because it is Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw’s favorite drink. Then, because sometimes chaos leads to wonderful surprises, Sarah Jessica Parker and a few pals (among them Matthew Broderick and writer/director Kenneth Logernan) happened upon the same restaurant and sat beside the Frenchman.

Writes Us Weekly:

When the Parker learned from the bartender that the man had ordered the drink before she arrived, she paid his tab and ordered a cosmo for herself too.

Isn’t that nice to imagine? The kind of magical New York moment you hope will happen to you, but are too rational to believe ever actually will? I’m suddenly reminded of my first apartment in New York, which was above a dumpy Brooklyn bar that served $2 cosmos on Tuesdays—I think ironically? Probably ironically. My roommates and I were the only ones who ever seemed to take advantage of it—not because we loved cosmos, but because they were strong and cheap. (And, who am I kidding, because we eventually grew to love cosmos.) The bar, a cozy mess of cracking vinyl booths and red candles, has since shut down. And, come to think of it, the landlord probably shouldn’t have been renting that unit to so many of us to begin with. Uh oh, here comes the wistfulness. Shut this blog down.

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