Why Can't These Heavy Metal T-Shirts for Streisand and Dion Be Reaaal?


If there’s one thing that will take away any heavy cred you might have, it’s the fact that no one looks cool rocking a Barbra Says Farewell t-shirt while bopping around town. But if these t-shirts were real, no one would ever make fun of any of us for loving Celine or even Bieber ever again.

Alas, these t-shirt designs are just concepts that you can’t purchase at Hot Topic no matter how much you want to. Dangerous Minds reports that it’s likely because there are copyright hoops that no one wants to jump through in order to make these stunning works of art a reality, but I’m holding out hope that Barbra, while clicking through the internet on the computer she keeps in the basement of her home that is also an actual miniature main street complete with shops, finds this post and decides that the idea of more merchandising is “just darling” and makes it so.

These cinematic metal shirts are real, though. Get one of those!

Images via Dangerous Minds

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