Why The Gossips Find Shiloh's "Tomboy" Attire So Odious


Doesn’t she realize she’s the crown princess in the fairy tale? She’s ruining it with that “wanting to be a boy” thing!

One Mark Marino over at Betty Confidential is the latest to ponder Shiloh’s tomboyish tendencies. A thoughtful retrospective includes the child’s first foray into dressing like a boy — wearing jeans on the cover of People.

Oh boy, indeed. The level of expectation and obsession over Shiloh seems to still exceed that of any other celebrity baby — not Suri, not Brad and Angelina’s less-visible twins, nor their older children. People paid over $4 million for that first glimpse at her. She was widely being called the most beautiful baby in the world a few months into her short life.

Hey, I’ll admit a not-so-high-minded interest in seeing what the offspring of two genetically-blessed parents ends up looking like. But there’s also something a little creepy about fetishizing every step in the development of this first biological child of theirs, who, it is not irrelevant to the level of interest shown in her, fits a blonde and blue eyed ideal her adopted siblings don’t.

That’s part of why it’s so amusing to watch the gossip ecosystem’s earnest concern over the fact that Shiloh wears her hair short and prefers traditionally “masculine” attire. Sure, it gives them something to tsk-tsk Angelina over, a favorite pastime. But there’s also an undertone of frustration, as if Shiloh doesn’t realize the role she’s supposed to play as the “most beautiful baby in the world.”

Brangelinaologists say that Shiloh picks out her own clothes, so it’s probably a stretch to say any of this is intentional. But how great is it anyway to watch everyone squirm as their expectations (of, it is necessary to add, a three year old girl) get screwed around as she refuses to meet them?

Then again, Us Weekly, which previously featured worry that Shiloh’s wardrobe choices might mean she’s bisexual, had stylists weigh in on her new short haircut. The verdict was overwhelmingly positive — one called it “Princess Charming,” adding, “”Not all little girls have to look like beauty queens with pageant hair.”

So maybe we can all live happily ever after.

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