Will Eagles Start Eating Kids?


The Scottish Gamekeepers Association is concerned about the reintroduction of sea eagles to Scotland: they ask, “Will these very large creatures differentiate between a small child and more natural quarry?” They also request an “exit strategy” for the reintroduction program if the eagles start carrying off kids en masse. However, Scotland’s Royal Society for the Protection of Birds calls the concerns “alarmist nonsense.” Says a spokeswoman,

We do not think a public inquiry is necessary. The National Species Reintroduction Forum, chaired by Scottish Natural Heritage and which includes the Scottish Gamekeepers Association, considers all matters relating to reintroduced species, including sea eagles.

The RSPB agrees, however, that the reintroduction of once-endangered killer robots to the Scottish highlands may have been a mistake.

Eagles And Small Child Claims ‘Alarmist’ RSPB Says [BBC]

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