Will Ferrell Swaps Smooches in a Super Bowl Ad Most People Didn't See


Did you see the weirdest commercial to air during last night’s Super Bowl? It’s doubtful unless you live in Oklahoma, Texas, and Montana because those are the only states to air the Old Milwaukee beer ad featuring a mustacheoed Will Ferrell making out with a woman on a bus to the tune of a Chinese song called — according to Reddit — “Mother, Where Are You?”

This is another ad in a long history of Old Milwaukee commercials featuring Ferrell that have only been released to exclusive markets. Last year during the Super Bowl, this unique ad aired only to a small local station in Nebraska and, this past fall, Ferrell brought the campaign to Sweden. Most delightful of all, perhaps, is that he isn’t getting paid for any of it, but does them in exchange for “creative freedom to revive a brand and shoot crazy fun commercials.”

Will Ferrell’s Weird Old Milwaukee Campaign Gets Weirder [Brow Beat]

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