Winter the Lamb Is the Adorable Vine Star the World Needs


Finally the world has the Vine star it truly deserves and desperately needs—Winter, an adorable, bouncing lamb from Australia.

Winter the lamb’s Vines have been shared millions of times. The video clips come courtesy of Vine user Life of Shannen, who posts images of her life living on a small hobby farm in Melbourne, Australia. But it’s really Winter who has become the breakout star, thanks to being an adorable lamb and having the most amazing hopping skills of any baby animal on Earth.

Sure, you’re saying to yourself, he’s damn cute. But what’s the big deal? Oh nothing. Except he comes when he’s called and this is how he does it:

We all know it’s been a pretty shitty summer. Hopefully we can on a high note with Winter. HOPEFULLY.

Images via Life of Shannen.

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