Wisconsin Woman Assaults DJ Because She Doesn't Like His Song Choices


Recently in Madison, Wisconsin (hometown of your glamorous author Madeleine Davies), a woman out celebrating a friend’s birthday at a local Irish pub was not pleased with the song choices of the bar’s DJ so, naturally, she did what any maniac would do — throw a glass at his head, attack him physically, damage his equipment and flee the scene.

From WKOW.com:

It all started when the 34-year old Madison woman began yelling about the DJ’s song selection, and then smashed or threw his laptop, headphones, and microphone. Others at the party were able to pull her away from the DJ table, but she got loose, rushed the DJ, punched him several times in the head and threw a glass at him.

Police spokesman Joel DeSpain tells Madison.com:

“Witnesses told police she grabbed a glass and threw it at the DJ’s head. He ducked and the glass sailed into a window overlooking the State Capitol. The DJ told police he was very thankful he hadn’t been hit by the glass.”

(“He ducked and the glass sailed into a window overlooking the State Capitol”? What a beautifully painted picture of a hideously ugly scene! You’ll write that crime novel yet, DeSpain.)

The woman then left the bar while her horrified friends called 911, profusely apologized to the DJ (who did not suffer any major injuries) and sadly boxed up their uneaten birthday cake.

The woman is still at large. It is unclear what song set her off.

Image via Shutterstock.

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