Wives Shouldn't Hit 'Testosterone-Filled' Husbands, Says Fox Panelist

We’ve uncovered yet another goddamn idiot who can’t help but trip over his own sexist, stupid beliefs in the conversation about Ray Rice’s godawful, sickening abuse.

This time the honor falls to David Webb who is OF COURSE a Fox News contributor (this surprises literally no one). On Wednesday’s edition of Outnumbered, Webb appeared alongside Harris Faulkner and Lisa Kennedy Montgomery. This was his brain dead contribution to the national conversation on domestic violence sparked by this horrific incident. Via Talking Points (h/t Mediate where you can watch the video):

“They should deal with the violence issue when you have so many young, powerful, strong individuals who are literally testosterone-filled and out of control,” he added. “Not everyone in the NFL, there’s a lot of good guys in the NFL. Most of them don’t go out and beat their wives — or, frankly, to the wives out there or girlfriends, don’t hit your husbands.”

Dude. Now is not the time for your dumbass, trite Golden Rule bullshit. Yeah, thanks, we know people shouldn’t hit other people. We spent a lifetime watching Sesame Street learning that shit. But that’s not really what your point is, and you know it. And we definitely know it.

Your point is this: How dare we talk about women as victims in this country without handing out fucking cookies to all the men who don’t commit violent criminal acts against their loved ones, especially if they’re professional athletes who deserve some kind of extra special consideration! See, the thing is, ladies, these men can’t help themselves and are so violently out of control thanks to testosterone (which oh by the way EVERY MAN EVERYWHERE NO MATTER HIS PROFESSION HAS) that you have to tip-toe around them lest they snap and beat you to a pulp. That would result in their poor careers getting destroyed and us having to embarrass ourselves further on television, yammering about how sorry we feel for them because their silly, stupid career playing football got ruined for assaulting you.

Good thing is all of that did not go over particularly well at all with the hosts of the show, who took him to task. Thankfully, they interjected to remind Webb how fucking dumb he sounded:

“You got to be careful with that line of thinking. It’s dangerous,” Kennedy cut in. “And it can be really insulting, especially to domestic abuse victims.” Webb repeated that no man should hit a woman or vice versa, prompting Harris Faulkner to throw some numbers at him.
“Eighty-five percent of victims according to the CDC of domestic violence are women, so it’s not really the same thing to compare men and women as victims of domestic violence,” she said.
“Well I’m not saying it’s a number, I’m saying it shouldn’t happen in either direction,” Webb argued.

He’s not saying it’s a number, OK. Just remember, it shouldn’t happen. Cool story, BRO.

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