Woman Accuses Cosby of Rape; Media Can't Shut Up About His Tour


Saturday’s media headlines about Cosby’s scheduled Denver performance read “Cosby takes stage despite protest over sex-assault claims” and “Protesters, fans greet Bill Cosby at Denver shows.” But buried in these articles is the story we should actually be reading.

Earlier in the day, sitting in a Denver hotel exactly one mile from where Bill Cosby would take the stage to tell his stale ass jokes, Beth Ferrier told her story. According the AP, Ferrier says Cosby drugged her coffee at his 1986 show in Denver and she only remembers waking up in the back of her car hours later, barely clothed. “I cannot tell you how horrific of a feeling that is,” she said to the press of her alleged assault.

Ferrier, who first publicly accused Cosby of rape in 2005, told her story for the first time in her hometown. “Please believe us,” Ferrier pleaded.

From the Denver Post :

Ferrier said she met Cosby in 1984 in New York after winning a modeling contest in Denver. She was invited to Cosby’s brownstone apartment for brunch, where he asked questions about her life and family.
From there, the two developed a consensual, sexual relationship in which they would meet while he was on tour and she was traveling for modeling jobs. Both were married.
“I was as close as anyone could be, shy of being married or having a child with him,” she said.
When Ferrier decided to end the relationship, she met Cosby backstage at the old Turn of the Century theater at Yosemite Street and East Hampden Avenue in Denver.
He prepared her a cappuccino, and within moments of drinking it, she felt numb. “It’s like you’re totally out but your brain is still working,” Ferrier said.
She woke at 3 a.m. inside her car outside the theater.
Two security guards drove her home, but Ferrier decided to confront Cosby the next day. Cosby let her in his hotel room but did not speak to her. After about 90 minutes, she left. “The next day, I got a call in the morning from my agent and she said, ‘Mr. Cosby forgives you,’ ” Ferrier said.

Outside Denver’s Buell Theater more than 50 people gathered to protest Cosby’s performance, and I fully salute/fux with their presence and determination. But they’re not the headline. Beth Ferrier is the headline, the scores of other alleged survivors are the headline. “Please believe us,” Ferrier said to reporters. That’s worth hearing.

Image via AP.

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