Woman Arrested for Not Returning J.Lo VHS for 9 Years


A South Carolina woman was arrested on Thursday for the most egregious crime known to man: keeping a home video of Monster In Law nine years after it was due back at the video store. Kayla Michelle Finley was taken into custody when she attempted to report a crime at the local police station and learned that she had committed a crime of her own, depriving other renters at a now-defunct video store the opportunity to see J.Lo and Jane Fonda get into an incredibly uncomfortable slapping match and then yell at each other a little and wear hats. (Laura bought me a copy of this movie when I was going through a break-up and I made her return it so we could use the money on beer instead.)

Finley maintains that she did not get either the notices the video store sent her, nor the warrant they put out for her arrest in 2005. No information has been uncovered about whether Finley still has the video cassette in her possession, but I like to think that even if it were, Finley has already destroyed the evidence as soon as she left jail. (Jail!) Why didn’t they just charge her for the movie?

Because most video stores are now relics of a forgotten age, FOX 5 news tok to the streets to ask Redbox viewers what they thought of the arrest. The responses ranged from a confused “Jail?” to “don’t we have anything else to worry about?” Yes! The fact that Red Box prices keep going up. Now, that’s criminal.

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