Woman Discovers Husband Has Second Wife Through the Ice Bucket Challenge


A woman discovered her husband was not only a cheater, but had a second family through what else—Facebook. Sometimes a good old lurk on your S.O. can do you good.

According to Daily Mail, a man named Andrew O’Clee married Michelle Agbulos in 2008, then met Phillippa Campbell in 2011, eventually marrying her two years later. He then made up a complex, telenovela-style set of lies, telling Agbulos he was put in a witness protection program due to a fraud case, and would be hiding out in a “safe house” for long periods of time. Agbulos then had a baby and while O’Clee showed up for the birth, he left immediately, saying his police escort was waiting outside. How messed up is that?

The tag that set the truth free was none other than one related to the Ice Bucket Challenge. Agbulos saw photos of him and his other wife participating in the trend and put two and two together.

Image via Twin Design / Shutterstock.com

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