Woman Gets Death Threats for Tweeting About Disliking A Dude's Shirt


Historic news: a space probe landed on a comet 310 million miles from Earth! Let’s celebrate by tweeting insults and death threats at a female science and tech writer! Wait, what? Why is that always how the Internet celebrates everything?

The Philae probe touched down on the comet yesterday, making a bumpy landing, but still successfully sending back the first images we’ve ever seen of a comet’s surface. One of the scientists involved, Matt Taylor of the European Space Agency’s Rosetta Project, decided to give an interview about the probe while wearing a polo shirt festooned with colorful images of scantily-clad cartoon ladies.

Yes, it’s just a shirt, whatever. But it’s also not the smartest choice to show that the STEM fields are a super welcoming place for women. And that’s what Rose Eveleth pointed out, a science and tech writer and producer for The Atlantic and a bunch of other places. She tweeted the above rebuke, a pretty mild one, and was promptly met with all of this mess:

There’s more, but you get the idea. Great job continuing to be awful, everyone. Really Grade A work.

Image via YouTube

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