Woman Makes Lace Collar for RBG, Gets Elegant Thank You Note in Return


In further proof that Supreme Court Justice and imaginary Jezebel best friend Ruth Bader Ginsburg is the best, a Reddit user reports that she made RBG a lace collar, and Ginsburg responded with a gracious thank you note. You just knew she was great about writing thank you notes, right?

Redditor Sahrabee shared a photo of the collar last night in r/pics. She reports that the collar— which is really, really lovely—was made using the tatting method, which Wikipedia tells us is used to make “particularly durable” lace pieces. And RBG responded with this note, on official SCOTUS letterhead and everything:

Dear Ms. Harvin
The lace collar is elegant. I will wear it often, with appreciation for your artistry and caring.
Ruth Bader Ginsburg

RBG has something of a history of fan correspondence—when a woman invited the justice to her wedding last year, Ginsburg responded with a kind note wishing her the best.

Glorious. Congratulations, Sahrabee, and further congratulations to RBG for being the well-mannered boss we knew she was.

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Images via Reddit/Sahrabee

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