Woman Sells Deployed Boyfriend's Dog, New Owners Refuse Dog's Return


A soldier left his three-year-old Shiba Inu with his girlfriend when he was deployed in March. His girlfriend (for some reason or another) sold the dog on Craigslist. Now the dog has been found, but the new owners say that they won’t return him because their kids are “too attached.” Everything is awful.

The dog’s rightful owner, Robby is still in Afghanistan where he is not only serving the country but worrying about whether he’ll see his dog again, especially considering that the family that now has Baxter refuses to return him to his rightful owner. Why? Because it might be hard for their kids.

Here’s the deal, though: Lots of shit is hard for kids. And yet, the world keeps turning. If you’ve bought a dog off Craigslist, had it for a month, then realized that it was sold by a confused/malicious/whatever girlfriend, you take the time to teach your kids that yes, this is very difficult, but that doing the right thing is sometimes worse than sucking freshly-shorn donkey balls. Especially if the right thing is going to benefit someone who is on another continent serving in the military. Ask for visitation, find another dog, anything. Just let this guy have his dog back. You have had this dog for a month. The rightful owner has had his dog for three years.

Facebook supporters have been raising money to find the family a new dog (really, though?) as well as a lawyer that will help the family facilitate the transaction anonymously so that their identity is never revealed.

Robby’s mother had this to say to KOAA 5: “They keep saying they have children that are attached. Well my child is attached to the dog. Just because he’s older doesn’t mean he’s not my child.”

And supporter Nancy Wallace added this:

Thats just not something we should let him sit over in Afghanistan worrying about, his dog.He should be doing the job he’s there for and not having to worry about that. He should know that his dog is home and with his family and will be waiting for him when he gets home.


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