Woman Trapped in Cemetery By Falling Headstone 


Hello and welcome to the Nightmare Theater Hour, brought to you by Dr. Faker’s Patent Insomnia Syrup. Today’s installment is a spooky one: A woman found herself trapped in a cemetery when a headstone fell and pinned her.

That’s according to WABC. There aren’t too many details, but those provided are enough to leave you edgy every time you find yourself visiting those that’ve passed on. A woman was in a cemetery in Queens, New York, around 4:45 p.m., when a nearby gravestone apparently just… toppled. Right onto her. Fortunately there were people around who were able to free her, so she wasn’t stuck there as night fell. But be careful, or that could be you.

Stay safe out there.

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Photo via Shutterstock. Not the offending headstone.

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