Woman Walks Across the Country But Fails To Brag About It


A 24-year-old woman named Catherine Li is walking all the way from Daly City, California (near San Francisco) to New York City—a 3,000-mile journey that’s taken her more than seven months to complete. So, at this late date, walking across the country is not by itself that big of a deal, but you know what is crazy? This:

“There is no blog or Facebook page chronicling her moves. She isn’t tweeting. She has no official sponsor.”

Can you even imagine? No tweets? No camera crews? No Red Bull sponsorship? It’s like if you can’t brag about it and get a reality deal from it, why even bother going on a beautiful journey of self-discovery? Also, she’s walking with a Sears shopping cart that she carries all of her belongings in, which sounds like it would be a giant pain in the ass, judging from how hard it is to push one of those carts around a parking lot.

So why is Ms. Li even doing this at all?

“‘People always ask me that,’ she said with a laugh. ‘At first, I was so urgent (to respond) so I just started to tell them all the feelings I was having but I realized that was tough to do. So I just boil it down to the short version: I just felt like walking. I just decided to click over to living in the actual moment instead of inventing all these fantastic fantasies for the future.'”

Whoa. That is some next level thinking right there. She must understand something about life that the rest of us—who spend our days glued to our little devices, constantly tapping out our every thought—are missing. Whatever it is, it seems to be working for her because the reporter who caught up with her in Pennsylvania describes Li as having a “relentless smile.” Hmm. Maybe we should all follow in her footsteps and hold off on tweeting about the cool things we’re doing tonight and see if it makes us enjoy the experience more. Hahaha, just kidding! Pics or it didn’t happen.

Cross-Country Quest on Foot Leads Traveler Through Bucks [MSNBC]

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