Woman Who Didn’t Let Lottery Winnings Interfere with Welfare Benefits Has Died of an Apparent Drug Overdose


The Michigan woman who continued to collect welfare after winning $1 million (which amounte to about $735,000) in the state lottery was found dead Saturday morning in home in Ecorse, which is southwest of Detroit. Investigators say that 25-year-old Amanda Clayton died of a possible drug overdose, which is just more dismal proof that winning the lottery is probably the worst possible picnic-lightning thing that can happen to anyone.

Michigan’s Department of Human Services reported that Clayton never informed the state about her pre-tax lottery haul, and so she continued to collect about $5,500 in food aid and medical benefits. In June, Clayton pleaded no contest to welfare fraud and, for her troubles, received nine months’ probation and the ire of sniveling Fox News anchors.

Trouble Michigan Lottery Winner Found Dead [AP via ABC]

Image via photosync/Shutterstock.

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