Woman Won't Stop Singing Whitney Houston, Causes Emergency Landing


Proving at long last that there is no banal form of torment as unbearable as having to hear a stranger sing Whitney Houston, a New York-bound flight from L.A. was forced to make an unscheduled stop in Kansas City because of a female passenger repeatedly singing “I Will Always Love You.”

A clip, surreptitiously taken by one of the many spectators clearly pretending to check his/her phone “at a funny angle” shows the amateur singer being led away in handcuffs while a crew member futilely intones that the taking of photographs is illegal.

Having finished presenting her a capella revue to dozens of unwilling humans strapped to a flying machine, the singer exits the plane with the bearing of an artist who will not be silenced. Her caterwauling continues unabated. “If I stay,” she probably sang at one point that went unrecorded, “I will only get in your way.”

Airport spokesman Joe McBride affirms this: “The woman was being disruptive and was removed from the plane for interfering with the flight crew.” So she’ll go… but she’ll think of you… each step of the way…

At Kansas City, the disruptive passenger was interviewed and released without charge. She was, however, forced to make her own travel arrangements home.

The only explanation she’s offered for her behavior is that she’s diabetic, which doesn’t really make much sense, but, then again, hardly anything about this story does.

“Woman kicked off plane for singing Whitney Houston” [MSN]
“Woman kicked off plane for singing Whitney Houston songs?” [Wetpaint]

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