Woman's Lost Wedding Ring Found Weeks Later After Dog Poops It Out

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I’m going to tell you the moral of the story before I tell you the story itself: Pick up your dog’s poop. An Alaskan woman learned this the hard way when her wedding ring was returned to her after being thoroughly digested by her dog and shit out on a baseball field. #Blessed.

The Sitka Sentinel reports that Nikki Balovich is ecstatic to get her wedding ring back after losing it in January. At the time, Balovich was pregnant and her fingers were swollen, so she took the ring off and then couldn’t find it anywhere. She assumed that her mastiff Halli had something to do with the ring’s disappearance but had no leads to go on except the fact that Halli liked to pick things up with her mouth.

Balovich checked Halli’s poop for a while and then gave up. She also gave up picking up her dog’s poop when she took it for walks at the local ball field, apparently, so the fact that she got the ring back at all isn’t just a stroke of luck. It’s thanks to a very kind gesture by a woman named Carol Potrzuski, who tried to do a good deed by cleaning up dog shit and ended up finding the ring.

It turned out that Bob’s wife, Carol, and her friend Julie Schmitts, a few weeks ago decided to do a good deed, and were picking up dog poop on the ballfield behind Keet Gooshi Heen Elementary, in preparation to the start of the baseball and softball seasons. As they made their rounds, Carol spotted something glittery in the waste, and it turned out to be a ring with diamonds.

Full disclosure: If it had been me, I would have pocketed the that ring and called it my reward for a job well done. Then I would have sold it on eBay and bought myself a yacht. Fortunately for Balovich, Potrzuski has more integrity than that and tried desperately to find the owner of the ring. She put an ad in the paper, called the police, and as a last resort posted it on a local buy/sell Facebook page listing it as being found in “an unusual place.” Balovich had a “gut feeling” (nicely done, Sentinel) that it was hers.

Balovich got the ring back on the day of her husband’s birthday and promises never take it off again. No word on whether she’ll be any better about cleaning up her dog’s poop, though.

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