Women Don't Like 'Salacious Slang,' Says E.L. James


Writing is hard work—no doubt about it. And writing about sex can be, no pun intended, even harder. But keeping that sex writing “classy and tasteful”? Well, that’s a whole other ball game, says Fifty Shades of Grey author E.L. James.

In an AP Online interview, James says that she kept the books “coyly written” because “women don’t like salacious slang.” And as a producer on the movie adaptation, she fought hard to keep her vision, which included ensuring that the Red Room of Pain maintained its color, as it “wasn’t red at first.”

James also added that all of the hype over the movie’s sex scenes—which have been used in tandem with pretty much every interview James has done leading up to its release—is just that: hype. “The fact is, it’s a love story… that there’s a little bit of kinky sex in there is an added bonus.”

Image via AP

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