Women Outliving Men By Less


According to new census figures, women are still outliving their male counterparts, but are doing so by less thanks to medical advancements.

While more baby boys are being born than girls, that gap soon begins to narrow. There are currently about 5 million more women than men in America because men tend to start dropping off around age 35, when they start dying of household accidents and getting murdered and being stressed out by work. The average life expectancy for a woman at birth is currently a little over 80; for men, about 76.5, which is unfortunate when your grandpas are really cool and your grandmas are over it by age 65.

According to the Associated Press, that’s changing,

Since 2000, men who were 65 and older increased by 21 percent, nearly double the 11.2 percent growth rate for women in that age group. Among those 65-74, the male-female ratio also has narrowed sharply. The number of women in that age group exceeds men by roughly 1.5 million, down from 1.8 million in 2000.

The days of wild and crazy widow-only Red Hat Society style geriatric Bacchanalia are numbered.

Men Narrow Women’s Population Advantage
[Kansas City Star via AP]

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