Women Wear Makeup To The Gym And Dress Like It's A Fashion Show, Says Study


According to a UK study inexplicably commissioned by a “female car insurance company,” women are more likely to enjoy exercise if they bring along a friend. Obvious, right? But then it gets weird.

Even though we’ve come to expect this type of nonsense from the Daily Mail, it was still a surprise to read their report of the survey. Some of the findings are inoffensive. The study asked 3,000 women questions about their exercise habits and their relationships, and found that 7 out of 10 women would rather exercise with a friend than go it alone. They also found that 50% of social exercisers admitted to talking non-stop during the work-out (bitches be talking, amiright?).

And then there is this: “But the poll shows dieting and exercising with a friend isn’t all about improving relationships — for some it’s a fashion contest.” Apparently, a third of women always buy themselves a new exercise outfit to train with a friend for the first time, and the same proportion (we’re tempted to think the same women) also always wear makeup. The director of the aforementioned female car insurance company explains:

Women wouldn’t be women if they didn’t pay some attention to their appearance before exercising with a friend.
Girls like to look their best at all times, whether it’s in the gym, in the pub or at work, and there’s no reason why we can’t combine a bit of fitness with a bit of glamour – who knows who you might bump into.

Hear that? You are not a woman if you, like me, exercise in men’s boxer shorts and a wine-stained t-shirt. While there is nothing wrong with wearing makeup, even at the gym, the Daily Mail‘s report makes it sound as though the study included as many stereotypical lady-things as possible. Diet, girlfriends, weight loss, fashion, and makeup are all included – but nary a mention of actual fitness. But we suppose muscle mass and lung capacity is not nearly as sexy as cute outfits and mascara.

Women Who Work Together Are Far More Likely To Lose Weight [Daily Mail]

Image via Runner’s World

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