Women Who Work Part-Time Make More Than Men and Other Wage Gap Updates


New data released from the Bureau of Labor Statistics for 2012 reveals that among part-time workers, women actually make slightly more money than men do. But when it comes to full-time work, they’re still behind.

Men who work part-time are also typically younger than the women who do the same. For full and part-time work, women are more likely to work in “professional” occupations like education and healthcare, where they make less money than men working in computer-related fields like software engineering.

Age makes a difference as well; among younger workers ages 16 to 34, women make roughly 90% what men do. But women older than that make much less, around 75% of what men take in. As the BLS notes and as we’ve seen before, the wage gap has gotten smaller since 1979, indicating not that the age gap widens with age but that is dissipating with each generation.

Finally, race makes a difference as well. Asian women and men make more than people of any other race, while Hispanics made the least:

Earnings differences between women and men were the most pronounced for Whites and for Asians. White women earned 81 percent as much as White men in 2012, while Asian women earned 73 percent as much as their male counterparts. In comparison, Black and Hispanic women had median earnings that were 90 percent and 88 percent, respectively, of those of their male counterparts.

Highlights of Women’s Earnings for 2012 [BLS] via [NYT]

Image via BLS

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