World-Class Brainiacs Tell Us Monday Is Worst Night for a Date


There’s a reason Garfield hates Mondays (and loves lasagna, but that’s not relevant for this post). If you plan a date on Monday, you are four times more likely to be cancelled on — or to cancel it yourself — than if you planned a date for the weekend. This is the Dating News You Can Use from In other news, don’t put hair dryers in the sink and try to refrain from eating directly from garbage cans. (Both things relevant to this post.)

What other safe advice do you have to give Go out on a Saturday? The night actively termed “date night'” for no apparent reason (except that that’s when lots of people go on dates, FYI).

Kate Taylor, resident relationship expert at, said: ‘Saturday nights have an in-built feeling of fun which adds excitement to any date, and they come with the added bonus of extra hours of preparation time.” The HOURS and HOURS you can spend getting ready to be disappointed. Or, okay, to be charitable, the small chance that you’ll be swept off your feet by Idris Elba who will talk to you about Feminist Theory for hours and then make you his world famous macaroni and cheese casserole with Smores Pie for dessert. It could happen.

[Daily Mail]


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