World-Traveling Couple Inspires Awe and Sadness


NYC newlyweds Christine Dennison and Tim Taylor fell in love during an Arctic journey. Their careers take them all over the world. They dive and explore and sail and discover, and now they do it together. Their lives sound amazing.

It’s not the marriage stuff we want—love’s great, marriage is fine, but whatevs. No, it’s the traveling part that tickles our envy bone. The recession and student loans have pretty much put the kibbosh on any exciting travel plans, at least for the foreseeable future. And this sucks, because there’s nothing better than finding one’s self dropped into a foreign place and tasked with figuring out how to navigate someone else’s reality. It really is our favorite type of character test.

Do you have any exciting travel plans for 2011? Also, do you know of anybody who, like, owns a jet or a boat or some combination of transportation modes, and who would like to participate in my still-forming adopt-a-wanderlusty-blogger campaign? My parents aren’t the jealous type—they probably won’t mind sharing.

Image Stevecadman/via Flickr.

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