Worst Girlfriend Ever Runs Over Half-Naked Man's Scooter, Dignity

If comedy equals tragedy plus time, then it’s going to be a little while before the above video, which features a woman behaving so badly you will put a hand over your mouth, becomes hilarious. But it’s definitely a reminder of how awful people can be.

The video, which was posted to Reddit by a neighbor (who records this woman every time she starts screaming and kicking) is an excellent example of how not to have a relationship. And also what rock-bottom looks like. Because if anything says “I have plumbed the depths of my problems and there is literally no lower I can go” it’s being recorded running over your half-naked boyfriend as he tries to get you not to drive drunk. And breaking his scooter. And then getting arrested a few blocks away.

The user who posted the video says that this kind of behavior is a fairly common occurrence, but it might not be after his neighbor realizes that this video is going viral or when she finds out that (according to the person posting) that the Huntington Beach, CA news are coming down to do a segment on her. Either way, it’s probably time to start doing something (anything) differently before someone else gets hurt. (Also: I hope this guy gets his scooter paid for because that is some bullshit.) (That is his “precious scooter!”) (God, I feel sad now.)

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