Would You Attempt This Insane Sex Position? (Have You?!?)


Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. That said, HOLY SHIT WOULD YOU DO THIS SEX POSITION AND/OR HAVE YOU DONE IT? (NSFW after the jump, NSFAnywhere).

While trawling the gutter of thoughtfulness that is #MenimistTwitter, I eye-rolled through a glut of so-bad-they’re-dumb posts (many of which are conveniently compiled here) that can be succinctly summed up by these two Tweets:

Nothing much to see, here folks. Move it alo—HOLY CHRIST WTF IS THIS?

::Breaker breaker one-niner, we got a dick breaker on our hands here.::

Plot twist? Life twist!

Neck twist!

Dick twist!

Twist twist!

I must confess that I never even pictured this possibility. Like not even once even did I consider this a feasible act. And I think about really dumb stuff (and balls) a lot.

As for the “MenimistTwitter in one picture” part: Is this equality? Because she’s lifting stuff too? Has a guy ever put you on his shoulders to eat you out? Would you want him to? You know his feet are gonna be so cold.

Here are some Jezebel staffer reactions to this tremendous physical feat:

Seriously, who IS trying that this weekend? And exactly how will you try it? How will you do it? Won’t your arms tremble the ENTIRE TIME? Trembly arms aren’t good for a beej. Won’t he kill you if he so much as leans forward? Is it worth it?

Thank you, #MenimistTwitter. You are so dumb and so misguided and it should obviously be #MeninistTwitter, but still, thank you.

Top photo via Shutterstock.

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