Would You Smoke Toad Venom With HGTV's Christina Haack?

The former Flip or Flop star is out here living her best life and smoking some weird shit

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Would You Smoke Toad Venom With HGTV's Christina Haack?
Image:Amanda Edwards (Getty Images)

Christina Haack has never struck me as the kind of person who would do psychedelics since she gives off very straight-laced mom energy, but apparently, Haack gets down with some serious shit. However, I still would not smoke with this woman, because obviously, she is a narc who will talk about it in public. In a lengthy Instagram post, Haack explained how she met her current boyfriend when she “wasn’t in a state of fear or fight-or-flight” because she’d taken some time off social media and “smoked a Bufo toad.”

Haack claims that the toad venom “kicked out years of anxiety in 15 minutes” and then went on to write about her new relationship, which she has been keeping secret for reasons that were too long for me to read. I’m happy for you though, or sorry that happened. Whichever applies to the remainder of her caption.

What I really need to know is how she got her hands on this toad venom. Give us the plug Christina!

This Bennifer 2.0 emotional rollercoaster is giving me motion sickness. On Thursday, a source was telling US Weekly that the two were moving in together any day now and preparing to be co-step-parents. Now, E! has a different source saying they’re in no rush. Pick a lane, sources!

This new source says that the couple is settled into their respective homes and sees no reason to rush a move given they “live close enough that it’s not an issue.” You know what’s an issue? All this back and forth. The PR team that is churning out all of these sources needs to get them together and ensure everyone is telling the same story. Organization is important!

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