Would You Spend $143 on a Bottle of Luxury Glacier Water?

Would You Spend $143 on a Bottle of Luxury Glacier Water?

For millions of people, glacier water is a precious resource that irrigates their crops and sustains their livelihoods. For rich people, though, glacier water is something else entirely: part of a luxurious dining experience, like a fine wine, caviar, or truffle oil. Except it’s… you know, water.

It’s amazing to me how many ways rich people can find to waste their money: For just $143.93, you could buy water tapped from 15,000 year old North Atlantic icebergs in Canada, via Sam’s Club. If that’s not luxurious enough, you can spring for $616-per-liter Fillico Jewelry Water from Japan. According to arctic researcher Dr. Paul Mayewski, who has access to 100,000-year-old water directly from the source, glacier water tastes “about as clean as anything can taste.” Of course, there’s no way for you to really know where your water is coming from, or how pure it is, or what “clean” is even supposed to taste like.

Meanwhile, Flint, Michigan could still use some clean water—glacier water or not.

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