​Y/N: Jean Grae Gets Awkwardly Sexy, Nicole Scherzinger Channels Ciara


Y: Jean Grae brings an old school vibe to her “Underneathu” video,
where she beckons her man by slow-winding and licking the mic, singing, “Place me in between your lips and I’ll become a thousand roses.” That poor sax guy is just waiting to play his sexy solo. [Rap Radar]

Y: George Maples performs on a creepy stage—or maybe it’s a sad vacuum :(—in the video for “Vacant Space.” She says of the song, “It’s that moment you have where you realize something’s not working anymore and you’re hanging onto something out of familiarity or comfort.” Yep. Yep. [Fader]

N: “Somewhere in the City” is an older Alicia Keys song that she dusted off but I wish she didn’t. It’s a simple piano groove that’s a little too pitchy for my taste, sorry. [This Is RnB]

Y: My first thought is that these opening strings on Coldplay’s “Miracle” seem made for a quirky indie film montage. The song is actually used in Angelina Jolie’s World War II drama Unbroken. [Stereogum]

Y: Ne-Yo really ended up owning the R&B-dance lane and doing it better than other acts who merely experimented. “Coming With You” is a catchy house jam about escaping with a boss woman: “Show me the way you boss up, baby/ It’s sexy to me when you take control.” Ne-Yo’s vocals tend to have shades—just shades—of MJ and that’s the case here. [Rap-Up]

Y: Nicole Scherzinger looks like the tomboy spawn of Ciara and Kim Kardashian in this “Bang” video. This song is breathy and understated. [Idolator]

N: The reflective beat on Chief Keef’s “Nobody” works, but his overly ‘Tuned raps don’t add much to the ambiance and kills the vibe for me. Kanye West does a better job interpreting the track’s bummer mood. This would’ve been better as a solo Yeezy record. [VIBE]

Y: “Wading” is one of my standouts from Jhene Aiko’s debut, Souled Out. In the video, she plays a stripper giving some guy the red light special, but it’s more somber than stereotypical. [Complex]

Y: Swedish producers Red Top did a strobe-y disco remake of Beyonce’s “7/11.” It’s cool enough, not totally in sync with her vocals, but the rhythm does *get me*. [Idolator]

Y: Nice move of Ghostface to get Michael K. Williams to act out the dramatic storyline of “Love Don’t Live Here No More,” where Ghost has to come to grips (and face to face) with his woman’s new man. Um, the video ends violently. [Stereogum]

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