​Y/N: Lady Saw Devours a Cheating Dude, Meghan Trainor Gets Cheeky

Y: Lady Saw sounds so perfectly fed up on “What Kinda Man,” an anti-cheating manifesto that’s sung over a bluesy, sax-driven tune. With help from Estelle, Saw rages about a man’s infidelity: “Low self-esteem/ He’s holding your head/ You’re a perfect 10.” It’s a true ride-or-die feminist decree. She’s tough and collected and I love this. [Fader]

N: David Guetta’s Ibiza style antagonizes me, so I’m vehemently veto-ing “Hey Mama,” which is from his upcoming album, Listen. Nicki Minaj’s patois can’t save this and it actually sounds a bit off. [Nah Right]

Y: The video for Meghan Trainor’s “Lips Are Movin”—a blatant rehash of “All About that Bass”is predictably candy-colored and tongue-in-cheek. You’ll get nauseated with this song soon enough, but for now enjoy. More important, thoughts on the cat dress? [Idolator]

Y: Jazmine Sullivan debuted “Mascara” at a Tuesday night concert. Her voice is always so crisp, controlled and believably emotive. This one is about keeping mascara handy in case she runs into an ex. [This Is RnB]

Y: I’m strangely enchanted by Smashing Pumpkins’ “Tiberius,” from their upcoming album, Monuments to an Elegy. [Billboard]

Y: On “Sobriety,” SZA sings about her failure to sober up. Besides the uber jazzy poetry-slam vibe, it’s her vocals—either a raw raspy tone or a falsetto—that really pull me in. [Nah Right]

N: I wanna love this Sleigh Bells and Tink collaboration, “That Did It,” because I enjoy them separately. But the clash of drums, claps and chants feels too dissonant. [Complex]

N: “Diaper” definitely sounds like the title of a Tyler, The Creator song. Off-bat, I’m not feeling it. I have a love/hate relationship with his chaotic style, but the kid generally writes and raps his ass off. [Miss Info]

Y: Kelis’ most recent album, Food, was pretty underwhelming to me. I prefer crazy, experimental Kelis over folk Kelis. This new album, Live in London (currently streamable) contains a satisfying mix of her old gems (“Millionaire” and “Lil Star” are so underappreciated) and new stuff (“Breakfast,” “Rumble,” etc.), though her voice goes into a strange deep pitch here that throws me off. [Guardian]

Y: Mary J. Blige sings for life on the intense piano ballad “Not Loving You.” “There’s only so much I can do/ If you’re not loving you.” Once again, The London Sessions will make me very happy. [This Is RnB]

Y: Pusha T snaps without apology on “Lunch Money,” where he’s both disrespectful and grimy. Lots of Kanye-produced arcade sound effects and requisite self-congratulating as he posits himself as “the only dope-boy quotable” and raps, “This is crime by design/ If the crown ain’t mine, tell me who am I behind?” [Spin]

Image via Twitter/@LadySawOfficial

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