Yay? Models Get Gross Lawn Water Half Off During Fashion Week


In an obvious gambit to get the gazelle-like clotheshorses of Fashion Week to drop a few pounds of water weight in order for a dress to hang juuuust right, the Council of Fashion Designers of America have announced a new partnership with Gwyneth Paltrow-approved juice cleanse/detox brand Organic Avenue that will allow Fashion Week models to go to town on, say, a Dandelion-Kale salad, for 50% off the regular price.

The CDFA, headed by president Diane Von Furstenberg and CEO Steven Kolb, released the following statement about the newly-brokered deal:

“Models have described the difficulty of finding food that is both nutritious and convenient during Fashion Week. Please keep this in mind for both backstage and fittings. To address this issue, we have partnered with Organic Avenue during Fashion Week and continuing through March 31, Organic Avenue will provide support and education to models in addition to a generously discounted rate of 50% on all cold-pressed juices and food. We hope that this will give models both guidance and the added nutrition they need during this demanding time!”

The regular cost of an Organic Avenue juice is $9 to $13. That’s some expensive-ass lawn water.

‘Fashion Week Giving Models Half-Price Juice Cleanses’ [Buzzfeed]

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