You ain't no size zero for starters, Sean.


Hey! Guess what? It turns out that Pancho Dotta is not the only asshole on the modelling block!

Meet Sean Patterson, head of top US agency Wilhelmina Models. Sean is a bit worried that we might not like him very much.

He’s right to be worried. Find out why after the jump.

From today’s Sun:

“Sean Patterson is president of Wilhelmina Models and he’s not happy. A new MTV reality show reveals his firm is staffed by snarling, snapping bullies, like agents Becky and Pink, and he’s worried we’ll think it’s his fault. ‘I wasn’t always there when the cameras rolled and it was only watching the edit that I saw just how bad things got,’ he admits.
By ‘bad’ he means Becky calling one skinny model ‘a fat cow’ and telling another, ‘If you were less hungry for giant sandwiches and more hungry to be a top model, it would be better for all of us.'”

Actually Sean, we think you’re just scared that you’re going to come off like the evil shit you are.

Watch Sean squirm:

“‘I was very unnerved by the, er, dysfunctionality on show,’ says Sean. ‘The disagreements were disconcerting but sadly that’s the reality of our business,'”

TRANS: ‘I don’t really give a fuck but I’ve got to say something that looks like I do’.

“‘Having said that, I can honestly say that Becky and Pink thought they were acting in the best interests of their clients. This is a very competitive business and our agents are desperately trying to make a name for themselves and the models they represent.'”

TRANS: ‘Fat bitches over 80lbs don’t make money.’

“‘The most beautiful thing in the world is a healthy person and agencies need to be on the lookout to ensure they’re not pushing models to do unhealthy things.'”

TRANS: ‘We’ll break out the laxatives once the TV cameras have gone!’

“‘I’m incredibly proud of Wilhelmina’s plus size division, which looks after models from a size 14 upwards.'”

TRANS: ‘See??? We care! We do a few fatsos too!.'”

“‘You can tell models to be healthy but if they can earn $10,000 to walk in a show by dropping one size or two sizes despite what we tell them, they’re going to lose that weight.'”

TRANS: ‘Eh, what’s a couple of deaths or ten? You can’t make a size zero omlette without breaking a few eggs!'”

[Sean Patterson is also a prick]

[Pancho Dotta is a prick]

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