You Can Now Own The Clothes From Taylor Swift's 'Bad Blood' Video


You know how that one girl Becky released a new music video with 500,000 of her closest friends earlier this week? Well, now you can be just like her (and Selena Gomez, if you’re into that) by purchasing the same fetish-wear they did from a Los Angeles-based sex boutique, which is going to make the clothes from the video available for purchase, along with the lubrican you’re going to need to get into it. This is just like that one Friends episode, isn’t it? You know the one I’m talking about.

Over at Cosmopolitan, Rebecca Rose (who?) has a breakdown of what the stars in Taylor Swift’s video wore and exactly how much that shit cost (about $13,000; Swift kept about $5,000 worth of merchandise). And while I’m not particularly interested in knowing what bondage gear Tay Tay enjoys in her private life, The Stockroom knows that Swift’s hardcore fans will want to dress like her, so they’re making a full run of the outfits available. As Rose writes, “they’re perfect for bingo night” or “high tea with the family.” Yes, perfect. I can just imagine how hard this $360 latex shirt would burn.

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