You Gotta See These 'Regular' Women Looking Sexy-as-Hell in Lingerie


Chrystal Bougon, owner of San Jose plus-size lingerie store Curvy Girl, is doing something exciting on her Facebook page — inviting non-models to show pictures of themselves rocking her lingerie. They’re gorgeous, inspiring, and revolutionary.

Bougon got the idea after a customer emailed asking if she could share photos of herself in Curvy Girl’s lingerie on their Facebook page:

My customer’s (we will call her Ms. K) goal was to show “regular” people what a “regular” woman looks like in lingerie. She wanted to connect with the “regular” people out there in the internet world and show them that for most of us Curvies, we will have rolls, bumps, lumps, scars, stretch marks, surgery scars, breasts that are natural and that have breast fed our babies. And we can still be STUNNING and BEAUTIFUL.
No PHOTOSHOP. No AIRBRUSHING. No SPRAY ON TAN. Just a woman who is 39 years old. A woman who is a Mom. (A very devoted Mom, I might ad.) A woman who is a daughter. A friend. A woman who works full time while raising her daughter. A woman how has LIVED and LOVED and is still kicking ass and taking names.

According to Huffington Post, women have responded in full-force, posting their own photos to Curvy Girl’s Facebook page in high numbers and fan numbers growing by 3,500 in just three days. Bougon says it’s “so touching and empowering, too.”

Yes, I love this! Because I get that plus-size models are often much smaller than the people who actually wear plus-size clothes, I just don’t understand why that is. Or why it still is. I want to see the Asos Curve stuff on bodies that look like mine. Seeing something on a size 8 model doesn’t give me any clue how a dress is going to hang on my larger body. I still buy it and wing it — because, often, what choice do I have? — but how cool is it to see lingerie meant for larger bodies actually on larger bodies? And it looks damn good!

Plus, this helps normalize larger bodies and makes us more comfortable with body diversity. We’re so bombarded with images of thinner women that when we see fat bodies, it can be cringe-inducing. But if we see bigger bodies more and more often — and not as the headless fat army coming to eat all your high-cholesterol treats — the more we’ll just accept these images as normal. Because they are normal — it’s what many bodies look like, and all bodies are worthy of respect. And I, for one, absolutely love seeing larger bodies looking gorgeous in lingerie.

I want to buy it all.

[Curvy Girl via Huffington Post, photos via Curvy Girl FB]

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