You Must Watch This Teen Mom Star's Impassioned Speech About Ke$ha


Jenelle’s follies and her mother Barb’s reaction to them are the best thing about the entire Teen Mom franchise. Sure, her terrible life choices have very real consequences for her and probably her son and that’s sad and all, but it’s impossible to watch and listen to the reasoning that goes into said choices and not laugh at the ridiculousness of it all—especially when a large part of her decision-making process when it comes to her legal troubles is contingent upon Ke$ha’s tour schedule.

On last night’s episode, Jenelle decided that, after failing a drug test, that she would rather just serve a short jail term than remain on probation for a year and have to abstain from marijuana. She told her lawyer about this plan, and you could see that even he—a young man who wears his Oakleys draped around his neck when meeting with his clients, in non-chain fastfood joints, for whom he arranges plea deals with prosecutors via text messages—felt that her attitude was a little too casual. Still, he did her bidding and got a text saying that she could serve a 16-day sentence and have the entire mess behind her.

But there was a problem—she would have to be in jail during the weekend of the Ke$ha concert. Jenelle could not miss the Ke$ha concert. She got feathers put in her hair for the Ke$ha concert. In her own words:

“Like no one understands how important this concert is to me. It’s not just a concert. It’s Ke$ha. It’s the person. It’s not ‘Oh, I wanna go to a random concert.’ It’s Ke$ha, my idol.”

But it didn’t matter anyway, because Jenelle’s probation officer showed up at her home for a random drug test, which she failed, of course, and was immediately hauled into jail.

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