'You Were a Shirtless Ninja' and Other Comic-Con Missed Connections


Over the weekend, fandom converged in San Diego for Comic-Con, and while costumed superheroes were lining up to gawk at movie stars, they also had eyes for each other.

A few Missed Connections from Craigslist:

A Tense Elevator Ride With Captain America

Sheraton MV Elevator 7/25 – w4m (Sheraton Mission Valley Elevator)
We were in the elevator after getting off the purple route shuttle for Comic Con around 5 pm. I was dressed in a Captain America dress. You got out on the 12th floor. You were really attractive. Maybe you’d like to talk or something.

Lower that (metaphorical?) shield and engage next time.

This next Missed Connection has it all: The potential for romance, making a kid’s dream come true, and supporting a small business.

Drive Me Crazy

Tall guy from Comic Con with Asperger’s – w4m – 35 (San Diego)
Hey guys, met this very interesting 6ft7in engineer who builds custom go karts outside of Comic con. And my son will not stop bugging me now!
And I thought he was kinda cute, too. Anybody remember seeing him? My kid will not stop talking about him and his go karts.

But back to the longing gazes…

This next gentleman had a meet cute on an escalator, but the ending needs a rewrite.

Did You Want To Fight? Are We In Love?

Comic con escalator run-in in the Hyatt – m4m
I was going down the down escalator and you ran up it. You bumped into me and when I turned around to talk to my friend I noticed you were staring at me. We held eye contact until I got to the bottom of the escalator.
The top of your head was bleached and you were wearing a snapback. I was in a green hoodie.
Did you want to fight? Are we in love? You tell me
Maybe we can hang out at comic con or I can show you around (I’m a local).
Tell me what color your coat is so I know it’s you. Hopefully you see this.

In the next situation, the young man possibly botched his attempt to get the young woman’s attention.

I Choose You

Comicon zubat girl – m4w – 23
Hi, we met at comicon I threw my balls at you of the pokemon variety, we had a moment that will last til the end

All Men Must Sigh

GoT experience Sunday all day in line – m4m – 23 (Comic Con GoT)
We were making line all day today 7/27. I was wearing a polka dot hat and a blue checkered shirt. You took a picture of me and my friends at the end by the Iron Throne. You were with a girl and were wearing a black stripped shirt with shorts and glasses. Just thought you were really cute and we kind of kept looking at each other all day. if you see this let me know something else that was inside the GoT thing so i know its you =]

And, of course,

You Were A Shirtless Ninja

You were a shirtless ninja with a white mask at Comic Con – m4m – 23 (Comic Con)
Hey man, I saw you walking around outside at Comic Con as a shirtless ninja wearing a white mask. You are probably asian but I’m not sure. But I wanted to let you know that I think your bod is so hot and muscular. I would love to worship your pecs and nipples sometime if you are into that. 🙂
Hit me up if you see this post and are interested.

“You are probably asian but I’m not sure.” Best.

Images via Getty.

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