You Will Spend $13K — At Least — On Makeup


When you’re drawn to the makeup racks at Walgreen’s or, worse, hypnotically lured into a Sephora, how much do you spend? And when you take your dying breath, how much will you have spent over the course of your lifetime?

According to a recent British study, women spend just under £9,000 — that’s $13,000 — on cosmetics over the course of their lifetime (defined as 65 years). 13 grand? But that’s ridiculous! I could never spend that kind of money on such frivolous crap! Or, um, maybe I totally could. Easily.

The study’s findings comes out to about $200 annually. If you do the math, that isn’t very much at all — just under $17 a month. Which, if you like to wear a little makeup, is nothing — I’m lured into dropping $20 pretty much anytime I spend more than 5 minutes in a drugstore. I’m not really a face spackler, either. I do occasionally allow myself to be sucked into Sephora, but when that happens, I only allow myself to buy one indulgent item (we’ll define that as $50) per Sephora visit. And I maybe go to Sephora every other month? That right there comes out to $300 annually! Well, shit. I’m too disappointed in myself to even add that number up with my spontaneous drugstore-makeup binges, however much those are costing me. I’m not sure I want to know how much I’m really spending a year. But whatever it is, at least I know it’s less than Kim Kardashian does?

Face Value: How the Average Woman Will Spend £9,000 on Make-Up in Her Lifetime [Daily Mail]

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