You Won't Be Eating 140-Year-Old Lobster For Dinner Tonight


A 140-year-old lobster named George is being released into a lobster-trap-free area off the coast of Maine, after a New York restaurant decided that George belonged in the wild, and not drenched in delicious butter.

City Crab and Seafood released George, who had been in the tank for approximately 10 days, at the urging of PETA. PETA’s Ingrid Newkirk was thrilled with George’s release, stating, “We applaud the folks at City Crab and Seafood for their compassionate decision to allow this noble old-timer to live out his days in freedom and peace.” Old man George plans to spend the rest of his days lying on the bottom of the sea and yelling at sea kittens to get off his damn lawn.[MSNBC]

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