Your Bed Is Going To Eat Your House


There’s a terrifying new trend threatening to destroy lives across Britain. And that trend is: bigger beds.

Writes Richard Alleyne of the Telegraph, “in the bedroom our beds are getting ever bigger.” That’s right, Britons, your beds are slowly swelling without your knowledge — soon they will spill over into your bathroom! Which you also apparently have more of now. Says cultural historian Judi Loach,

The situation is more serious than the 1960s because we have an increasingly consumerist society. People are buying more things and so they need more space. King size beds are being bought instead of double and because of higher cleanliness standards we need more bathrooms.

People used to just pee right on their carpets, but now they demand special rooms for that! Also, they like beds because they enjoy sleeping, says bed buyer Caitlin Price,

A decade or two ago, beds larger than a standard double (4′ 6″ wide, by 6′ 3″ long) were rare, whereas nowadays king-size (5′ wide, 6′ 6″ long) and super king-size (6′ wide, 6′ 6″ long) are far more common because society is putting a far greater emphasis on getting a good night’s sleep.

This desire for good sleep in a comfortable location may seem reasonable, but beware. Pretty soon, British beds are going to be so big that they reach across the Atlantic and crush us here in the US. Unless we start getting even bigger beds right now. Let the bed race begin!

Bigger Beds Are Making Our Homes Seem Small [Telegraph]

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