Your Evening Cry: 5-Year-Old Girl's Birthday Present From Photographer Mom


When Austin-based photographer Jaime Moore was deciding how to snap photos of her daughter Emma to remember her 5th birthday, she combed the Internet for visual inspiration — and, naturally, came across a ton of young girls dressed up like Disney princess on their birthdays.

Jaime wrote on her blog, via F Stop Lounge: “It started me thinking about all the REAL women for my daughter to know about and look up to, REAL women who without ever meeting Emma have changed her life for the better.”

So she chose iconic photographs of five such inspirational women and snapped similar portraits of Emma. They came out fucking great — not to mention an amazing alternative to the horrible mall Glamour Shot option they offered in my day, which was the complete opposite of this.

Challenge: See if you can ID them all without looking at the captions.

‘Real Women: Forget the Disney Princesses’ [F-Stop Lounge]

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