Zero Celebrities Want to Attend RFK Jr.’s Birthday Fundraiser

A bunch of celebs were said to be attending the nominee’s fundraiser. But it seems like everyone, except his wife, is emphatically insisting they’re not going.

Zero Celebrities Want to Attend RFK Jr.’s Birthday Fundraiser
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UPDATE: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is now reportedly unable to attend his own birthday fundraiser.

Everyone knows you have to be a real asshole to drive Dionne Warwick to denounce your birthday on Twitter. So, it should arrive as no surprise that she was forced to do just that to Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Last week, it was advertised that the six-time Grammy Award winner and clapback queen would be one of the many “well-wishers” attending RFK Jr’s forthcoming 70th birthday fundraiser in Indian Wells, California. Almost immediately, she took to her preferred platform of pettiness (Twitter) to set the record straight: “This is absolutely ridiculous,” Warwick tweeted alongside a screenshot of a Daily Mail article about the birthday. “If you’re going to lie on my name, at least lie about something cool,” she continued, jokingly imagining an alternative headline announcing a collaboration with Rihanna. If only…

“Ms. Warwick has NO association or affiliation whatsoever with Senator Robert F. Kennedy Jr,” a representative added to Page Six. “She will not nor will [she ever] attend any events or fundraisers in connection with [RFK Jr.].”

So, who’s responsible for such a snafu? A PAC, of course. Producing the fundraiser is Fighting 4 One America, while another, American Values 2024 (lame), is paying for it. Warwick, as it happens, isn’t the only celebrity whose attendance was falsely advertised: Martin Sheen, Mike Tyson, and Andrea Bocelli were also named in a since-deleted tweet announcing attendees. Their responses range from hellish to downright hilarious.

Bocelli, via his representative, told Page Six that he quite simply wouldn’t be attending, nor performing at the event. I get the not going, obviously, but not even taking this buffoon’s money for a song or two??? That’s real hatred coming from a man who’s done two Kardashian weddings…

Sheen, however, opted for Instagram stories, writing: “I do not endorse RFK Jr. nor will I be attending his party.” Then: “I whole heartedly [sic] support @joebiden and the Democratic ticket for 2024.” The proclamation, I have to note, was issued on a polychromatic background. Rainbow liberalism, am I right? Fascinatingly, Fighting 4 One America begged to differ. A representative told Page Six that “Mr. Sheen’s attendance was confirmed in writing by his representative.” Intrigue! Perhaps he thought it wouldn’t be worth it after hearing Warwick and Bocelli weren’t actually going?

Finally, Tyson, via his rep to Page Six, had my personal favorite response. While he allegedly didn’t plan on attending in the first place, he thought it was just a plain old birthday party, not a fundraiser. Perfect.

Naturally, RFK Jr.’s campaign isn’t taking any blame for this little mix-up.“The Indian Wells fundraiser is a PAC event,” a rep told Page Six. “The campaign has no knowledge of who is attending and can’t confirm or deny anyone’s participation, either as entertainment or as a guest.” A likely story.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see, but as of now, it appears that his wife, Cheryl Hines, might just be the only person hailing from Hollywood at this thing. Let it rip, I guess!

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