10 Things You May Have Missed On TV This Week


In this week’s compilation of pop culture crap, Melissa McCarthy and Ellen Degeneres work on Bridesmaids 2, Joel McHale details how much the Kardashian Klan really hate it when he pokes fun of them on The Soup, and Matt Lauer channels the Old Spice Guy.

1.) Mariah’s spectacular entrance.
You might have thought that this week was all about Mariah Carey’s weight loss, and you’d be right. Here she is, proving exactly how svelete she’s become on her Jenny Craig diet by resting in a bedazzled crescent moon and being lowered onto Rosie’s stage.

2.) Matt Lauer is no Isaiah Mustafa.
For today’s final installment of the Today Show‘s “Where In The World Is Matt Lauer?” segment, the host decided to try and make a parody of one of the Old Spice commercials. You can decide for yourself if you think he pulled it off.

3.) No, really: The Kardashians hate Joel McHale.
Here he tells Conan about how Kris “Momager” Jenner has complained to E! every time he mentions Kim’s sex tape on The Soup, and how Bruce Jenner has a distaste for Joel because he calls Jenner a “drag queen scarecrow.”

4.) Jane Lynch takes Homer’s job on The Simpsons.
Her evil plans are foiled when Flanders lets her deepest secret slip: she’s afraid of the human touch.

5.) Seth Meyers and Stephen Colbert discuss the fake news industry.
Apparently, when two fake news anchors get together, Stephen’s ability to do a decent impression fades away. Hey, why hasn’t Colbert appeared on SNL yet?

6.) Melissa McCarthy and Ellen do Bridesmaids 2.
Okay, so it’s nothing like the original, but I’d watch Melissa McCarthy in pretty much anything.

7.) Beavis and Butthead share their thoughts on Teen Mom.
I’m just happy that MTV is self-aware enough to let their programming be mocked on their own channel.

8.) Goodbye, Kal Penn?
This week, HIMYM threw us a major plot twist — set to a classic song by the Pixies, no less — that may or may not have derailed both Barney and Robin’s new relationships. I figure we won’t know how this love triangle square works out until the mystery wedding teased for the season finale.

9.) The best/worst karaoke to “Kiss From A Rose” ever.
More McHale: When Dean Pelton finds Jeff (who pretended to be sick to get out of helping Annie move) out shopping at the mall, he blackmails him into a fun-filled day of lunch, shopping, and bizarre karaoke.

10.) Lisa Vanderpump tries a McRib for the first time.
“I got something for ya, Vanderpump!” exclaimed Wendy to the Beverly Hills housewife — who almost immediately succumbed to the rowdy audience’s chant of “McRib! McRib!” Er, don’t they mean McPigIntestines?

Bonus: HSN presents, “A Very Snooki Holiday Gift Special”
Everybody’s favorite Shore kid was on the Home Shopping Network last night to launch her new perfume. Of her fragrance, she says: “It’s tacky, it’s gaudy, it’s just gorgeous!” Consider me sold.

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