10 Things You May Have Missed On TV This Week


In this week’s compilation of pop culture crap, Tyra tries to invent a new term for “plus size,” Tim Gunn hates the Kardashians, and all the staircases Barbara Walters has walked down over the years.

1.) Introduction of plus-size models fail
Tyra held a competition on her show for “fiercely real” teenage models. “Fiercely real” is a term she has coined that means “plus-size.” However, she shouldn’t have used terms like “humongous,” “monstrousness,” and “big hugeness” when describing the competition.

2.) Whitney’s weave
Remember ANTM Cycle 10 winner Whitney? Somewhere along the line, she morphed into Kim Zolciak.

3.) Tim Gunn is not a fan of the Kardashian look
“Who is?” he asks. Um, people that aren’t cranky gay guys?

4.) Thank heaven for little girls
Via Little Miss Perfect.

5.) And thank heaven for old girls
This week on The View, Babs showed a clip from her upcoming Oscars special of a montage of all the different stairs she’s walked down—including an escalator!

6.) Teen who cries tears of blood
This kid’s doctors are baffled as to why he cries blood. Clearly he’s a sad vampire!

7.) “How you doin’?” fail
Real Housewives of New York City‘s Ramona Singer was on The Wendy Williams Show this week, and kind of butchered Wendy’s catchphrase.

8.) Snow sculpture of Venus de Milo offends New Jersey residents
However, all of the people interviewed about it for this news segment loved it. In the end, the family was forced to actually put a bikini on the sculpture.

9.) Feminism

10.) Take off the coat!!!!!

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