10 Things You May Have Missed On TV This Week


In this week’s compilation of pop culture crap, the Jetblue flight attendant’s boyfriend is also a drama queen, a woman goes on Divorce Court because her husband is gay, and an exercise show for lazy people.

1.) Gay husband

2.) Steven Slater
I know it’s somewhat “old news” now, but I am obsessing over him and his purring style of bitchiness.

3.) Steven Slater’s boyfriend Kenneth
I’m also obsessing about his drama queen BF.

4.) Steven Slater’s passengers
It’s just been a good week, with excessive profanity on the evening news.

5.) “I am Vegas!”
This is the stupidest BF/GF fight in the world.

6.) Dangerous Intentions
I was shocked to learn that there was a Lifetime movie from the ’90s that I hadn’t seen. At first I thought that Dangerous Intentions was a play on Dangerous Liaisons and Cruel Intentions, but it came out before Cruel Intentions. So…it was a stupid thought.

7.) Ke$ha live on Today
I love that Ke$ha is wearing one of those feather roach clips in her hair! They used to give them out as prizes at trashy fair/carnival games growing up, and I always thought they were for hair. Although I was like 9 then.

8.) Today-related lyrics

9.) Sit and Be Fit
This exercise program is exactly my speed. Also, I appreciate that she’s wearing Hooters girls tights.

10.) Baby born 8/9/10 at 11:12
And her mom said that she’ll always remember her birthday this way.

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