10 Things You May Have Missed On TV This Week


In this week’s compilation of pop culture crap, Anderson Cooper finally meets Real Housewives Nene, someone gave 81-year-old Barbara Walters boxing gear for Christmas, and Bill Maher calls Ryan Seacrest gay—to his face.

1.) Bill Maher tells Ryan Seacrest he’s gay.
The two men were the in-studio guests for the finale of Larry King Live. Larry mentioned that one time Ryan bought him some jeans as a present, which is when Bill piped in.

2.) Barbra Streisand as a director.
Babs was on the penultimate episode of LKL, and they played some archival footage of her on set, directing a film. Could you imagine her saying “action” any other way?

3.) Anderson Cooper: Real Housewives superfan

He’s so right about Camille’s forehead.

4.) Medium
Speaking of Camille, she and her soon-to-be-ex-husband Kelsey Grammer produce that show Medium (which apparently is still on TV), and she’s friends with the woman on whom they based the show. Her name is Allison DuBois and she likes to drink, smoke electronic cigarettes, and brag about her accomplishments as a highly-paid snake-oil saleswoman, yet does not like to “perform” at dinner parties.

Seriously, her “talents” are about as fake as that thing she’s smoking. She claims she can tell when a woman has a cheating husband, yet never picked up on the fact that Kelsey was cheating on Camille. She also claims that she can tap into people’s thoughts, yet it’s clear—from how drunk she got—that she doesn’t even know what she’s thinking, let alone other people.

5.) Piece of shit art.
This week on Judge Judy, a woman was suing her ex-boyfriend for damaging her personal property after the two got in a physical fight—when he refused her demands that he impregnate her—that began after they came home wasted from a strip club and ended in the partial destruction of this painting:

Plaintiff: He broke my picture right here, that was actually hand-painted for me.
Defendant: That’s a carnival poster.
Judge Judy: Shh! A!
Plaintiff: No it is not! My parents had it specially made for me.

6.) How Heidi and Spencer pissed away $10 million.
Spencer was on The Insider this week, talking about how he and Heidi are now broke because Heidi used to get waxed three times a week. Which leads one to wonder exactly what is going on with her pubes that they grow back so quickly.

7.) Mariah’s earpiece
It matches her mic, mic stand, earrings and collar.

8.) No justice for old men.
This elderly man was robbed outside of his apartment door, which is sad, but his response to it is funny.

9.) Barbara Walters’ new gear.
Someone spent, like, several hundred dollars on expensive, personalized boxing equipment for Babs. She likes the robe, at least.

10.) Too soon?

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